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The New Warehouse Talks To YMS

Kevin at CSCMP Edge 2023 released a brand-new podcast interview episode of The New Warehouse with Yard Management Solution's very own Vice President, Colin Mansfield, where they discuss reshaping yard management. Kevin and Colin share insights on automation, the future of freight tech, and ways to elevate your logistics game.

What is Yard Management Solutions (YMS)?

Yard Management Solutions specializes in providing software tailored for shipping yards. Much like how Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) bring automation and visibility to the interior of warehouses, YMS plays a similar role in optimizing yard operations. Many companies turn to YMS not because they are poorly managing their yards; in fact, it's often the opposite. These businesses have excelled to the point where their manual processes—relying on paper, pencils, spreadsheets, radios, etc.—are no longer sufficient.

The transition to YMS is driven by a desire for enhanced visibility and a robust tool to monitor yard activities. Frequently, companies approach YMS seeking a solution to the challenges of managing a growing yard efficiently.

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Does YMS Set Up Specific Spots And Zones In The Yard During Implementation?

YMS implementation focuses on adapting to the customer's current practices and location references, rather than forcing a standardized mold. Unlike some YMS systems that follow a model similar to Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) or advanced warehouse tagging, YMS takes a more flexible approach.

During the implementation of yard management software, the emphasis is on identifying specific spots and zones within the yard and generating a comprehensive digital twin map that identifies various spots and zones, even in scenarios such as a dirt parking lot.

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Why Should Someone Choose A Best In Class YMS VS A Suite That Has A YMS Add On?

In the market, many systems present what is commonly referred to as a "bolt-on" YMS – a supplementary feature rather than the primary focus of the solution. While some systems may offer YMS as an additional component, it may not be their primary area of expertise or focus. Just as one wouldn't advocate for a subpar solution within the warehouse, the same principle should apply in the yard. Opting for a less-than-optimal YMS, or one that is treated as a secondary feature within a broader suite, can lead to comparable challenges as having no system at all.

Choosing a solution where yard management is the core focus ensures that the software is tailored to address the specific needs of optimizing yard processes. This strategic alignment is deemed crucial to avoiding potential pitfalls and challenges that may arise when using a YMS that is not the central focus of a comprehensive solution.

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How Does Autonomous Vehicles Impact The Role Of Yard Management Solutions?

The primary focus of YMS remains on perfecting the processes within the yard. With autonomous vehicles entering the equation, the emphasis on precision and seamless coordination becomes even more pronounced. The deployment of autonomous vehicles in yard management holds promise for enhancing safety, as well. Automated systems can navigate the yard with a high degree of accuracy, minimizing the risk of accidents and improving overall safety protocols. This aligns with the broader industry goal of creating more secure and efficient working environments in the yard management system.

"A lot of it comes down to what kind of initial investment a company out there is willing to make. So we're ready. Our system is well prepared. We have all the API end points already built to support autonomous vehicles”. - Colin Mansfield, Vice President, Yard Management Solutions

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