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MHI Innovation Winners

Yard Management Solutions won the 2018 Modex Best IT Innovation Award

We're excited to announce that Yard Management Solutions was awarded the 2018 Best IT Innovation Award during the Modex show. This was quite an honor as the Judging criteria was to find the best solution that delivered the greatest:

“Quantifiable and Sustainable Results in Cost Savings, Revenue Generation and Customer Satisfaction”.

Congratulations to our team for all of their hard work


Best IT Innovation Award Finalist Modex 2018

Yard Management Soluitons

Yard Management Solutions featured in an interview with Inbound Logistics

By growing driver productivity, weeding out inefficiencies, trimming detention costs, and seeding visibility, yard management systems can fertilize your supply chain.

If you think of the supply chain as a giant digital jigsaw puzzle, most organizations are missing a piece: a yard management system (YMS) that connects warehouse systems with transportation systems. This "operational blindness" can cost organizations both time and money, says Jeff Papadelis, senior partner with Yard Management Solutions, a YMS provider based in Suwanee, Ga. Read More

Yard Management Blog

Q&A's for Yard Management Software

Q1 How would you define/describe a YMS?

Think of the supply chain as a digital jigsaw puzzle where all the pieces need to come together to take any item from its point of purchase to its point of delivery. In that digital landscape, nearly every company has embraced digital warehouse management systems and digital transportation management systems. This includes online ordering right up to the point where someone signs on a digital pad to accept a product. So in that vast digital jigsaw, there is one major piece that some companies are still missing. It is the single greatest opportunity for companies to increase efficiencies, streamline operations and reduce costs in the supply chain. It’s that piece that connects the warehouse system to the shipping system. This is yard management system.

Q2 What attributes are key?

Easy to learn
Easy to use
Easy to install
Easy to maintain
Ability to expand
Exceptional customer service
Cost effective
Visual based systems
Cloud based systems

Q2B Are there any red flags to watch for?

Complicated systems / difficult to learn, use or implement
Inability to expand easily to meet the growing operation
Six figure costs
High bandwidth demands
Systems that merely replace paper are outdated.
Costly add ons
Inability to expand easily to meet a growing operation

Q3 When should companies consider a YMS?

Good question.
Companies should have considered a YMS yesterday.
I’m not joking; the multiple areas of financial saving and increased efficiencies for any size logistics yard operation demand the use of a yard management software. Whether it be a simple system for a small operation or a full visual based Eagle Eye™ type system for a larger operation.

Q4 Are there any common misconceptions about YMSs you'd like to address?

Cost: most companies see a YMS as an expense rather than a saving.
With every company we have dealt with, we have calculated an ROI between 3 and 6 months because of the multiple areas of increased efficiencies and savings due to the identification of operational weaknesses.
This means yard management software implementation is essentially free. Better than free because once you have your ROI you are ahead of the game and all further savings will add to the bottom line.
Any system that doesn’t predict an ROI within the first year should probably be avoided because these systems need not be expensive to install and maintain. YMS Eagle Eye™, for example, comes in at roughly half the cost of an average full-time employee whilst typically saving an average of 3-5 times its cost annually.

Yard Management Blog

Shuttle Management Module

Our Yard Management Software brings real-time visibility to your shuttle operation. Every action performed on the software is time-stamped and associated with a user, carrier, trailer, load details and type of action. This allows us to gather a multitude of granular data, run it through a highly configurable set of rules and test the data against specific custom standards. The results are instantly displayed for the end user in KPI reports, KPI charts/graphs, alerts, visual markings and custom effects on the Yard Management Software. The entire system is highly configurable, tailored to the specific needs of your company and can be viewed by day, week, month or any custom date range.

SHUTTLE TRANSIT TIMES: Quickly identify transit time performance associated with the time of day, driver and specific shuttle run.

SHUTTLE TRANSIT TIMES BY DRIVER: At a glance see the specific performance of each driver for on time and late deliveries viewed by day, week, month or any custom date range.

FACILITY DWELL TIMES: The Shuttle Activity Report delivers the granular detail on your shuttle operation. Anticipated transit times between locations and expected dwell times at each location are measured against actual numbers so management can measure the driver and facility performance on every move. Facility Dwell Times compare the anticipated dwell times at a specific facility to the actual dwell time. Indicators show the number of shipments unloaded/loaded on time, over 15 minutes late and less than 30 minutes late. Facility dwell time reports can be viewed by day, week, month or any custom date range.

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Trends influencing the Yard Management Software industry over the next five years.

The days of antiquated user interfaces with six-figure price tags is coming to a close. For Yard Management Software companies to compete in the upcoming market they will need to continually innovate their products to deliver greater value to their customers through increased services and more competitive pricing. Additionally, as pricing becomes more competitive and companies realize the rapid ROI that an advanced Yard Management Software System can achieve, the demand for these types of systems will be even greater than it is today.

A changing technology market also requires a system that adapts quickly to new conditions. One which is designed with the ability to upgrade is a requirement in today’s market. “The flexibility to add modules and redesign for systemic changes and efficiently innovate are critical features for a best in class Yard Management Software program,” said Jeff Papadelis of Yard Management Solutions (a company who started their system with this flexibility in mind).

Additionally, as pricing becomes more competitive and companies realize the rapid ROI that an advanced YMS can achieve, the demand for these types of systems will be even greater. In the next 5 years, we expect most major players in the shipping industry to move into digitized systems with efficient centralized yard management software controlling their distribution yards and rail yards. Yard Management Software providers that are flexible and cost-effective will be a key part of this future.

Yard Management Systems

Best Practices, Best in Class, Innovations and Continuous Improvement Initiatives.

At Yard Management Solutions best practices and best in class means setting new industry benchmarks that deliver greater value to our customers. This begins with bringing the world's easiest to operate user interface to the market. A place where power meets simplicity and functionality meets affordability. Easy to learn and simple to operate means less human error, a more enjoyable user experience and overall better performance. No other yard management software system even comes close to Eagle View’s intuitive nature, simplistic operations, user-driven functionality and overall positive customer experience.

Continuous improvement means a constant process of researching and anticipating our customers’ needs. Then designing best in breed systems that continually add greater value making our customer’s job easier.

Innovation is at our core. It is our passion to continually develop cutting edge technologies that make our customer’s job easier. Our multi-view screen, rail & boxcar tracking system and shuttle tracking system are just a few of our recent additions. All available to our customers at no additional charge. To continue to hold and improve our competitive advantage there is a strong focus on innovating our development, implementation and operating processes to continually reduce our cost of doing business so that we can pass those savings onto our customers..

Get the Competitive Advantage

• Easy to Learn, Simple to Use: The most user-friendly interface on the market, our yard management software is designed to minimize human errors by providing a simple and easy to use interface. In addition, our team put a great deal of care and planning into making sure the interface has great features and functions.

• Streamlined Functionality: 95% of all Yard Management Solutions functions can be handled from our Eagle View screen including requesting trailer moves, check-in, check-out and facility to facility moves.

•Industry Leading Visibility: Greater visibility on shipment information, trailer location and yard configuration. Eagle View provides more information at a glance than any other system on the market.

• Enterprise Leading Visibility: Setting a new industry standard for enterprise visibility, the Multi-View screen delivers specific information on several facilities at once.

• Customer Service: We are here to build a long lasting relationship with your company. Every decision we make starts with this in mind. You can expect to receive exemplary customer service 24/7 as we will continually work to meet and exceed your expectations.

• Family Owned Company: We are a family owned and managed company. Three generations of our family work here on a daily basis to ensure that you receive the very best product and customer experience possible. Our structure allows us to be very agile. There is no red tape and decision makers are always nearby to assist in customers’ requests.

• Our Team: In addition to technology and software development, our team has over 50 years’ experience in the transportation and logistics industries. This shows up in our products as they are built from a user perspective with first-hand knowledge of the challenges and solutions for our industry.

• Flexibility: We are very flexible in our approach and are here to meet the specific needs of your company. From total software customization to creating new software applications we are here to partner with your company and contribute to your success.

• Brand New Technology: Yard Management Solutions brings a fresh new approach to yard management. We are proud to have built a product that is at the forefront of our industry.

• Affordability: Setting a new standard in our industry at a price point that is well below our competition has been the goal from day one. We have priced our program to deliver the best value in the industry.

Yard Management

The Difference between Night and Day

If you are still managing your yard with a clipboard, radios and excel sheets it may sometimes feel like your operating in the dark. Searching for equipment, wondering what your drivers are up to and the inability to know exactly what is going on in your yard can be a significant hindrance to the overall operation.

Lurking in the yard are hidden costs that if gone unchecked can dramatically affect your bottom line. An advanced yard management system can quickly identify these hidden costs and bring them to your attention before they hit your P&L. So if you’re tired of working in the dark and ready for some illumination, lets take a look at what an advanced yard management program can do for your operation.

Real Time Visibility

The most obvious benefit is always knowing where your trailers and shipments are, what your drivers are up to and the specific status of every load in your yard. Real time visibility delivers the yard administrators all the information they need to execute yard processes with increased productivity and operational excellence.

Clear precise recorded communications

Clear move instructions are delivered to drivers on a mobile touch screen device with a degree of accuracy and efficiency that can’t be matched by hand written, radio or phone communications.

Instant Yard Analysis

Advanced yard management software programs provide custom reports with the information and analysis you need when you need it. Information that you may have spent hours compiling in the past is now delivered to you and your stakeholders in a matter of seconds.


• Driver tracking: Makes it easy to identify your best performers and those who may need additional training. Yard management programs can show you complete driver histories with moves completed per hour, day, week, month and year. You can quickly identify busy and slow times of the day for optimizing driver schedules.

• Carrier Tracking: Enjoy Instant access to your carrier’s arrival and departure performance history.

• Dock crew reporting: Know the precise dwell time for trailers at the dock.

Alert Systems

Some of the advanced yard management software programs will monitor your yard and alert your team of potential problems before they arise.

Cloud Based System

A cloud based yard management program will allow you the ability to log in from anywhere in the world via computer, tablet or smart phone allowing you to see exactly what is going on in your yard at any moment.

Operational Savings

A top of the line yard management program can provide countless benefits to reduce workloads, streamline operations and increase efficiencies. The result is an increase in productivity and a significant reduction in yard operating costs.

If you’re ready to step out of the dark and into the light, illuminate your yard with an advanced yard management program. If the bottom line is important to your business you must act now as there is no better way to take control of your yard activities. Yard Management Solutions offers an advanced yard management program at affordable prices that is simple to use and easy to implement.

Yard Management Solutiosn SAAS



Eliminate Infrastructure Investment: Give your IT department a break; there is no need to figure out which operating system version will support which database. An SaaS provider will host your yard management software in the cloud, which means set up is easy and you will not need to purchase new servers.

Cost-effective: In comparison with traditional software applications, Yard Management SaaS are typically available on a subscription basis that includes upgrades, maintenance as well as customer support. SaaS yard management software has frequently reduced up-front costs.

Rapid Deployment: With yard management software SaaS products all you need is a web browser and Internet connection and you're ready to go. As opposed to traditional software that may take many weeks or possibly even months to deploy.

Seamless Enhances: Your SaaS vendor will be able to conduct system updates and improvements for you online, eliminating the need to install or download software updates and upgrades.

Automatic Backups and Data Recovery: If you are familiar with traditional software, you will know that unless you implement a costly automated solution, the process of backing up your computer data on a regular basis is laborious. SaaS Yard Management Software takes care of this task for you implementing automatic backups and ensuring your data files are integral.

Work From Anywhere in the World:
You can access SaaS yard management software from anywhere in the world, so clients are able to connect to their data and work more efficiently making life easier for home-workers or for individuals that work across numerous sites.

World Class Security: Typically, an organization's enterprise information is more secure in a SaaS solution, than in traditional software. At Yard Management Solutions, for example, the latest encryption technology is used to protect your data and multiple backups of your data are recorded daily.

Enhanced Customer Service: While traditional software providers may make the bulk of their profit in the initial sale of their product, SaaS providers are mostly subscription based. This translates into a higher degree and commitment to customer service for their customers.

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