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ROI is six months for most of our sites, some are less. One of our sites saved over $450,000 in its first year of using it. We have another site that saved over $2.5 million.

- Michelin

With YMS, we are capable of addressing issues quite fast. Before, finding a lost trailer took us 45-50 minutes and 2-3 people, now with a click on a screen we can have a resolution in 2 minutes.

- NewCold

Very user-friendly and very easy to learn. The training literally took a couple of hours and we had the whole site trained. The system is very very easy to use.

- Reckitt Benckiser

Every time I talk to somebody from Yard Management Solutions, I feel like I’m a part of a family. They really have a culture of people first.

- Michelin

We always know where our trailers are. We don't have to worry about lost product and we have completely avoided any lost products since the system has been implemented. We’d be lost without it

- ColdPoint Logistics

I have been involved in more than 10 computer implementations from WMS systems to billing systems. This was by far the easiest system I have ever dealt with. The training was so simple that after a few minutes of training, I was training my staff. This system is so easy a 5th grader could do it.

- PortCity Logistics

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