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How Much Is It Costing You Not To Have Yard Management Solutions At Your Facility?

Our Yard Management System provides countless benefits to reduce workload, streamline operations and increase efficiencies. The result is a significant reduction in yard operating costs. Every moment of every day our Yard Management System monitors all aspects of your yard operation with one purpose in mind: increasing efficiencies and streamlining operations. Alerts are immediately sent to the appropriate personnel to safeguard against detention charges, un-utilized equipment, untimely shipments/deliveries, and countless other potential problems.


Management Analysis Savings

Reduced time...
· Creating driver productivity reports
· Creating carrier performance reports
· Creating dock door performance reports
· Calculating and auditing detention charges
· Tracking gate and yard activity
· Creating operational analysis reports


Operational Savings

Reduced time...
· Fielding carrier inquiries for empty, loaded, or damaged trailers
· Searching for shipments and equipment
· Communicating with drivers
· Reduced risk of hot load emergencies
· Reduced stress and increased operational organization


Increase Spotter Productivity

· Reduced fuel, maintenance, and labor costs
Reduced time...
· Searching for trailers
· Receiving and responding to move instructions
· Wasted between moves
The average cost to run each spotter unit including fuel, labor and maintenance is $110,000


Trailer Pool Reduction

· Reduced trailer pool costs
· Our Yard Management System tracks all yard activity and notifies management of trailers that have remained inactive for an extended time
· Managers can quickly assess which trailers are being utilized and which are not
· Trailers that are not being utilized can be removed from inventory and their cost eliminated


Detention / Demurrage Savings

· Significantly reduce or eliminate detention and demurrage costs
· All trailers are put on a clock when entering the gate and monitored
· Daily reminders notify management which trailers need to be unloaded to avoid detention or demurrage
· Software alerts notify users of upcoming potential detention issues
· When a trailer is unloaded, carriers receive an automatic time-stamped email to stop potential detention or demurrage charges.


Loss Preventions

· Reduced loss of stolen cargo and equipment
· Reduced loss of perishable cargo due to lost trailers / spoilage
· Loss to liability


Increase Dock Productivity

Reduced time...
· Waiting for trailers to arrive
· Waiting for trailers to be picked up


Yard Check Savings

Reduced time...
·Confirming trailer location
· Entering information


Yard Check Savings

Reduced time...
·Confirming trailer location
· Entering information

* Based on industry averages using a web-based yard management software program

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